• PCBC made a very brief appearance in the opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympics. This appears to be the M3 of that year.
  • This is quite possibly the sixth incarnation of the PCBC website since the advent of internet. The previous ones live on in the Internet archive. For old times’ sake, then, they are listed here in reverse chronological order:
  • On men’s side, there seems to be a tradition of dropping a whole division in one day during Torpids. This happened to M1 on day 1 of 2003(owing to a broken rudder), M2 on day 4 of 2019(ditto), and M3 on day 2 of 2011(cause yet to be ascertained).
  • The Pembroke blazer has been in its current form for over a century. One particular fine example now lives in the River & Rowing Museum. Here is a photo of the eight that went to Henley 1922 in blazers. You can also find footage of some rather dashing men in blazer with matching trousers from the 60s.

Please let us know of any other fun facts related to PCBC.