Eights 2022 – Final Day

W3 (-1, 7th place in Div VII) Spoons! Commiserations to the crew…

W2 (0, 2nd place in Div IV) So close to Chch W2 but the claxon jinxed the bump.

M2 (0, 3rd fastest M2 on river) Solid effort from the boys! M2 basically had a repeat from M1 yesterday as Keble came close – a final push secured M2 its position on river.

M1 (0, 4th place in Div I) So close, yet so far – Keble was canvas away from the boat when it reached the finish line.

W1 (0, 6th place in Div I) Another day of clean row ever. Curiously W1 managed to drop 4 places without getting spoons – mostly owing to the brutal penalty bump on the first day…

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