Torpids 2022

We send our greetings and a very belated update on our Torpids campaign this year.

M1 went through a baptism of fire. On the first day, the cox, new to the intricacies of the local river, crushed into the bank when emerging out of the Gut, and by the end of the race the boat was bumped twice. Steering on the next day was much smoother but the boat again went down two places. However the crew quickly built up experiences and was able to hold off Teddy Hall comfortably on day 3. On the last day the boat was bumped by Wadham following a tough battle. Position on the river: 7 (-5)

W1 rowed over comfortably on day one, before being bumped by a very strong Univ boat on the second day. Another smooth row followed on Friday. Sadly Wadham had their ways on the last day but the crew finished the week feeling very proud of what they have done. Most importantly, Oriel was nowhere near those ladies – the same could be said about M1, albeit with very different connotation… Position on the river: 4 (-2)

M2 received spoons, though this is hardly a fair reflection of the work they put in. Being the only novice boat in their division, the boys learned much from the races and are now all training hard for Eights. Position on the river: 35 (-5), 5th fastest second boat

W2 saw eight enthusiastic novices chugging down the river. Sadly the boat crushed on the last day as the steering cable got stuck and the boat plummeted by half a division. Position on the river: 57 (-11)